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April 26
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DC: Riley Donahue by tsunboys DC: Riley Donahue by tsunboys

here's riley .. my lil werewolf boy wh o causes trouble for his older brother (riley stop)
his app is still a wip wip

 General Identification

» Name: Riley Donahue
» Nickname(s): None

» Age: 17 y/o
» Gender: Cis Male

» Species: Werewolf
» Occupation: High School Student

» Height: 5'6" ft 
» Weight: 145 lbs

 Personal Information

» Personality:

| Positive

- Attentive
- Bold
- Resilient
- Diligent

| Negative

- Impulsive
- Disobedient
- Hostile
- Reckless

» Likes:

- Cold weather
- Rainy days
- Star gazing
- Hot chocolate
- Cooking
- Action movies

» Dislikes:

- Hot weather
- Sour tastes
- Being scolded
- Obnoxious individuals
- Drama
- Awkwardness

» Talents:

- Cooking
- Singing

» Flaws:

- Disobedient
- Impulsive recklessness 

Statistics Information

» Skill Sets:

- STR 4/5
- SPD 3/5
- DEF 3/5
- DEX 2/5
- INT 2/5
- CHR 3/5

» Weapons + Abilities:

Lycanthropic Transformation At will, Riley can transform into either the form of a wolf-man, or a quadruped wolf, and then revert back to his base form when he pleases. During full moons however, he is unable to control his transformation ability and will shift into his wolf-man form. In all three forms, he is vulnerable to silver and weapons made out of silver.  In his wolf forms, he can be rather aggressive because usually he only shifts into them when angered.

Wound Regeneration Riley is able to heal his wounds at a faster than normal rate, if said wounds are inflicted by non-silver objects. If a wound is inflicted by silver, it will burn him and then take a rather long time to heal, at the rate a normal human's wounds might.

Increased Lifespan Werewolves naturally have a rather long lifespan compared to humans, but they do age and will eventually die due to age as well. They appear to age at the rate humans do, but then when they become middle aged, their rate of aging slows down greatly.

Claws & Teeth He can inflict a disease-like form of lycanthropy on non-werewolves via bites at will, but not scratches. When a non-werewolf is given lycanthropy, they will be unable to control their shifting, and will become mindless beasts when in non-human form. Otherwise, his claws and teeth in his wolf forms can reek serious damage do to his high strength stat.

Relationship Information

» Orientation: Heterosexual + Heteroromantic
» Status: Single
» Significant Other: None

» Crushes: None

» Interests: 


» Dislikes:


» Experiences: He's a virgin, so he has no experience whatsoever.


» Family: 

| Parents:

- Mother Barbra Donahue (Deceased)

- Father Jesse Donahue (Deceased)

| Siblings:

- Older brother Jackson Donahue (Alive)

- Twin sister Audrey Donahue (Alive)


» Relationships:

:bulletpurple: Relative

:bulletwhite: Neutral
:bulletblue: Acquaintance
:bulletblue::bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: Good friend
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Best friend
:bulletyellow: Crush
:bulletorange: Lust
:bulletpink: Love
:bulletred: Discomfort
:bulletblack: Despise

» Key :bullet: [Gender + Name] "Explanation of feelings towards character."


» None atm!

Additional Information

» Extra(s):

- Has a scar across the bridge of his nose.
- Dog tags necklace given from Jackson as a memento for their deceased father, which once belonged to him.
- When irritated/annoyed, a pair of wolf ears and tail appear.

Roleplay Sample

Valentina departed from the lunch line with a tray being held in her hands. The Flareon stood by herself, her eyes scanning the crowded lunch room in search of a new table to sit at. She had a habit of moving from table to table, never staying in one particular table like most students normally did. Valentina enjoyed sitting with different individuals and socializing with them. Of course, she wouldn't mind sitting at one table with a specific group of friends. Although, the small Flareon preferred not to.
As Valentina looked about, her eyes caught onto a table that was being occupied by one familiar individual. It took herself a moment to realize who the student was. When she finally did, she walking towards the table in a surprisingly quick pace. The Flareon placed her tray down onto the table Cassius was sitting at as soon as she arrived.
She glanced at him with a wide grin, "Caaassy!" She chirped, setting herself down onto the seat next to him. "How come your sitting alone in the cafeteria? Don't you normally eat in the clubrooms or something?" She asked in curiosity, cocking her head to the side as she rose a brow.

group (c) :iconbudews:
character + art (c) :iconfawnsies:
JesseKatelyn Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014  Student General Artist
whispers oh no he's a qt
taylornaw Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
aaaa he's rad

i'm making a centaur chick for this group~
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this is amazing 
uguu your characters are legit /
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